4 Times I Felt Discriminated Against for Being a Female Developer | by Mariana Vargas | Mar, 2021 | Better Programming - betterprogramming.pub/4-times-

I feel like one significant flaw to the cutting edge, cryptographically validated, secure boot scheme on my laptop that can flawlessly detect all manner of assault and tampering is that a real attack is totally indistinguishable from I'm just kind of dumb and broke it.

Who will win: Hundreds of computer science PhDs or one clumsy boy.

> The port does note that uClibc-ng was found to be broken for MIPS N32 so the Musl C library was used. It's also noted that Linux on the Nintendo 64 is still a big buggy and "constantly flirting with [out of memory]."

I'd imagine so

It's 2020: Linux Kernel Sees New Port To The Nintendo 64 - Phoronix Forums


Happy Winter Solstice, and apparently Happy Great Conjunction. It is, at hand.

A classic.

"High-pitched voice theory - Neanderthal BBC Science"

College Students Are Learning Hard Lessons About Anti-Cheating Software

Students say they’ve been flagged as cheaters for routine behavior, and worry about being filmed in the privacy of their own homes.


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